Monday, 28 March 2011

Windmill papercut - initial drawing

My good friend Tania reminded me today that my blog was woefully neglected!
She's absolutely right of course - life seems to have taken over recently - like getting all three of my children healthy and at school on the same days! That's an ongoing battle that I'm determined to win!

Anyway, despite having my oldest son at home ill today, I still managed to get cracking on a drawing for a new piece.  As you can see, it's another of my cross-sections, but this time I thought I'd do something a little different - hence a windmill!

This is the reverse of the papercut - the right side is black as is usual for me.
Can't wait to get cutting this one - will keep you updated with lots of wip photos.

Windmill papercut drawing
Size A3

PS: If you're wondering what's happening with the unfinished piece from the previous post - well, I'm just really not sure about it.  It just doesn't feel right to me.  I never throw anything away and may come back to it at some point - but for now it's shelved :(
These things happen.


  1. You are so talented. Looking forward toseeing the finished piece. - Rachel

  2. It's going to look amazing! You add so much detail to your work; I see something new every time I look at the print I bought from you. I wonder if you have a story in your mind that forms the backdrop of what you create? Liz

  3. Thank you Rachel and Liz. My house cross-sections so far have been commissions and some particular details are specially requested. This windmill one is just my own imagination.