Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Make Lounge papercutting workshop (Tuesday 19th July)

Here are some photos from Tuesday's workshop.  Another really great group.  Most people tried their own original papercuts - with some really good results too!  Hope they're all proud of themselves.

Sophie and Sofia cut beautiful versions of my templates - not easy choices but they cut them really well.
Rebecca (bottom right), after much trial and tribulation with the drawing bit, created a beautiful picture of her new cottage.  I think it's perfect.
Jenni (bottom left) is making a gorgeous picture of three owls on a branch.  I hope she sends me a picture of the finished piece - it's going to be amazing.

Clare (top left) created a multi-layered piece using one of my templates and some of her own images.
Ashley (top right and bottom left) created two personalised pieces to give as wedding gifts.  Really beautiful.

Michelle (top row) started by cutting one of my templates and then very swiftly moved on to creating a gorgeous piece as a present for her friends.  A natural papercutter!
Lucy (middle left) was inspired to come to the class by the promotional image on The Make Lounge website. So she cut her own version.  I love the colour scheme she's chosen.
Hannah (middle right) cut one of my templates in gorgeous shades of pink.  It looks so different to my usual black version, but I love it.
Mims (bottom row) cut a delicate butterfly.  She did a really great job and surprised herself with her result!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Owls Papercut - final piece

I've just finished the specially commissioned owls papercut.  Very pleased with the final result - hope my client likes it!  She's secretly ordered it for her fiance - hope he doesn't read this blog! Oops.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Make Lounge Workshop (Saturday 16th July)

Just wanted to show you the wonderful work produced by the ladies and gents at the Saturday workshop.

The piece at the bottom left (above) was just a practice exercise - but it was so pretty I had to have a photo of it!

Zoe was illustrating a piece of writing that she'd written herself  - I think this is as good (if not better) than anything I could have produced myself.  A natural!

Papercut Owls - commissioned piece

I've been commissioned to make a papercut of two owls on a branch with the name "Jonathan" incorporated into the design.  It's quite a small piece - just 7" x 7" - but I'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out.
Please click on the images for larger views.

My initial - and very rough - sketch that I'm working from!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hello - I'm back!

Hello.  It's been nearly a month since my accident and I'm feeling much more human again.  The whiplash is still bothering me quite a bit, but I've been told it's a lengthy recovery for that, so I'll just have to be patient.

Last week was the Summer Boutique pop-up for We Make London at The Oak Studio in Hampstead.  A lady bought the original framed papercut of my "Life is Good" piece - so that was pretty exciting.  I also ran a workshop there on Wednesday night which was really fun.  I particularly want to thank Mary at We Make for  being so super organised and generally very fab!  The crafts journalist, Clare Kelly, also attended and she'll be writing a review of the workshop for the Course Notes feature for the online magazine, From Britain With Love.  So I'm looking forward to reading that when she posts it up.

Also I was able to run another workshop at The Make Lounge in Islington last night.  I'm really enjoying the teaching and the results that people come away with are really fantastic - especially as pretty much all of them have hardly ever used a craft knife before. Unfortunately I only had my mobile to take photos with as I forgot my camera, but you can still see their great results.  Fab group of women - there was much laughing going on!

Looking forward to the next one this Saturday.  If you're interested in participating, there are still a few places left on Tuesday 19th July (pm) and Saturday 23rd July(am).

Here are the pictures from The Make Lounge workshop