Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Horse in Woodland

Sorry I haven't been able to blog for a while.  The run up to Christmas is always crazy with orders to complete and fairs to attend.  I've had some very tight deadlines to deal with as well, but it's all been good fun and I think I've produced some of my best work recently.  The piece below is my last commission prior to the winter break.  After Xmas I'll be back working on an album cover, illustrations for a Passover prayer book (also known as a Hagaddah) - as well as a large number of brand new pieces for a solo exhibition in Hampstead in February.  So I'll take these few days to have a break and then it's back to the scalpel for me!

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone!
Suzy x

Horse in Woodland
20cm x 29cm
© Suzy Taylor 2011