Saturday, 18 May 2013


A month or so ago I held a Giveaway here and on FB.  The winners wanted a G and an S.  So I've made a start on the G - hope to get it finished in a day or so.

I love this stage where it just starts to appear.

C is for Conrad

A lovely commission for a Christening.  The requirement was that it should be blue and have leaves and birds.  The parents of Conrad are apparently both heads of Art Departments at two different schools.  No pressure there then!  Hope they like it!  Here you can see the progress from drawing to final cut.


So I finally managed to finish this big commission and get it all sent off to the US.  As it was so large, I had to send the pieces unmounted with full instructions how to glue it all down!  I hope the lady has managed ok!  Anyway, here's the semi-finished piece.