Thursday, 31 March 2011

Passover papercut

Although not my usual style, this was an interesting project.  This is a papercut which has been specially commissioned as a template for a religious summer camp for kids in the USA. A range of age groups will be cutting various parts of the piece which is why I've tried to incorporate some easier as well as more tricky bits. The papercut involves some folded cutting as well as some flat cutting.  I just hope the kids can do it!!!
The size is A4

These are the stages involved for cutting this piece.

Stage 1
Fold the paper and make the first relatively simple cut.
This is my first ever folded papercut!

When opened, the papercut will be symmetrical.
There are now 4 cups of wine and a Seder plate.  The leafy bits are just decorative and are there to hold it all together!

Stage 2
The most complicated cutting is the symbolic parts of the Seder plate.
All writing had to be done in reverse as this is the wrong side.
You can click on the photos for larger images.

This is the right side.
The shank bone looks like a guitar, I know!

Cut the border writing - not too hard but time-consuming.

I have made a reverse image template for the kids to cut from.