Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Family Papercut Commission

Here's the finished piece, together with some detail pictures and the activity I was asked to portray.  The design brief was to show all the family members doing their own special activity in an outdoor setting.  I wanted them all to occupy the same environment, so I hope I've achieved that effect.

I was really worried about designing and cutting this piece.  But once I'd figured out how to do it, I realised the more challenging the piece, the more you learn!

The full size is 35cm (w) x 29cm (h).



Mats - loves riding his bike

Mingus - loves to smoke and has long hair.

Winnie - has braids and likes the swing.

Claudia - she recently got a dog.

Stephanie and baby Gus.

Grandad Gerhard (and pet tortoise!) - a keen fisherman.

Grandma Ursula - an avid painter.

Max - likes to fish.

Jonas - loves playing football.

Eva - likes to cook and has pet rabbits.

Bernhard - plays the guitar.

Amelie - loves to dance.


  1. This came out brilliantly! I love it! X

  2. That is stupendous. What a marvelous idea, and wonderfully executed. I am sure the family must be over the moon by the result.