Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Folk Art Travellers' Inn Papercut

Here's the finished piece.  In total it took me 4 days to complete, including the drawing.  That's twice as long as the Windmill papercut - even thought it's half the size!
Click image for larger view.


  1. Amazing - you're very clever, and your work has so much character! One day I will buy an original :)

  2. Thank you both! Let me know when you're ready for an original - I'll personalise it for you! x

  3. Wow..what a treat! You can spend ages looking ....and keep finding new things;-)

  4. Just discovered you with google help.
    Wanted to say that you are one of the best paper cutters I have seen on the net.
    It is great inspiration to sea your work.
    I wrote a short review about you in my blog, I hope it is okay :-)

    I just start my way as a paper cuter and I mostly cuts reproductions.
    You are the first artist that gave me a great craving to try and design papercuts by myself.

    Yael Michaeli,
    From Israel

  5. Hi Yael.

    Wow! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It's great that you found me and I'm honoured that you call me one of the best on the internet - there are so many amazing papercutters out there! The biggest compliment for me is that I've inspired you to design some papercuts yourself. I would love to see your artwork when you have finished it, please let me know!

    I looked at your blog, but I will have to get my Israeli friend, Tania, to translate it for me - I can read the Hebrew but I can't translate it!!!

    Thanks again Yael and happy papercutting!

    Best wishes
    Suzy x

  6. Beautiful result. That would have taken me a year or longer..haha.

  7. hey i just bumped into your blog. and i must admit this is awesome! some really creative work which is exciting and inspiring!

    referred you on our art group page. feel free to visit, and join if you please.

    happiness and more,

  8. Thank you Ashwita - and thanks for the FB mention too!

    Suzy x