Friday, 17 September 2010

English Folk Art (for a change!)

I've decided to take a little break from my usual traditional American folk art style and do something a bit more English for a change. I'm not entirely sure what an English folk art style is exactly (maybe there isn't such a thing - but I'm sure there is!), so I guess this is just my own style on the very English tradition of Morris Dancing.

When I did an internet search for English folk art, such a mishmash of things came up - half of which weren't even English - that it's difficult to see a generic style. American folk art is very distinctive, as is Scandinavian, German, Dutch etc - but seemingly not English. If anyone can enlighten/educate me otherwise, I'd be really interested. All I really came up with was barge painting and pub signage.

Anyway, this latest piece of mine is going to be a circular dance of Morris men and village girls, the corners will be blossom trees and the centre - well (as is usual for me) that's still to be decided!

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