Thursday, 24 June 2010

No cutting today

Today is not a good day. I've done my back in - emptying a sandpit (stupid I know). Plus Poppy's got chicken pox. So far only about 16 spots - but only day 1. Still just over a week till the Bar Mitzvah so hopefully she'll be over the worst by then. Terrible timing - so much to do next week!!!


  1. Oh no!!! I do understand! I had my five kids go through the chicken pox from mid January to mid February. A challenge to be sure. Funny thing, my third got it last and suffered at least 3 times more than all the others combined. It was horrible. Though we can laugh at it now as he created the most amusing "itchy dance". It still makes us laugh, though he created it out of suffering. Poor thing, hope she gets better quickly. I counted down... give the difficult suffering three days... after that third day, you will start to see definite improvement, if she is anything like my kids. Hope you have a happy healing. Blessings...

  2. Thanks so much. She's not too bad at the moment. Day 2 and counting :)