Sunday, 20 September 2009

I've always been interested in botanical drawings, so I've decided to experiment and combine the botanical drawing with a papercutting. This is the result so far. It's the leaves and berries of the Juneberry shrub/tree which I thought lent themselves very well to my design idea.

For a change I'm cutting this piece from white paper, instead of black. I'll need to decide what colour backing to use as I think it'll make quite a big difference to the overall picture. I've got a hunch that black will be too harsh.

I can't really decide whether I like the way this is looking or not. My style is usually so smooth and stylised that these more naturalistic leaves and stems seem a little odd for me. But I'll hold judgment until the whole picture is completed.

Constructive criticism and opinions are more than welcome!


  1. Oh, I love it! I agree with you that botanical studies would be very well represented this way, and you need to choose carefully. As you have done!
    I'm waiting until I am a little more confident with lines and curves - but already I'm picturing some of our wonderful Australian wildflowers and leaves!
    My first papercut was in white paper and I was a little cautious of the harsh contrast with black, so I mounted it on a sort of light paper-bag brown. Looked good!

  2. I'll try brown paper - that's a good suggestion. Thanks!