Thursday, 23 July 2009

Folk Art papercutting (front and reverse) work in progress.

This piece is going to be in the shape of a leaf. Showing the reverse side gives you an idea of how I go about drawing out a picture, but also, what the final piece will hopefully look like! The paper is matt black scherenschnitte paper - a German product which I can't find anywhere anymore and am rapidly running out of - boo hoo! So I'll soon be switching to fadeless art roll paper which isn't quite as velvety black. On the positive side, it comes in lots of colours, is slightly thicker and comes in a roll so I can go bigger if I want to, so we'll see how it goes. I never use scissors or tweezer scissors, just an Xcelite craft knife suits me best. This picture measures 50cm x 35cm.

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  1. Ok...I've looked at your whole blog. all the way back to here. I'm still amazed! (and had I done this the other day, I'd have known what paper to try it on.) You do not always use origami paper though as some of your beautiful work is on much larger than I see that is available! Right?
    Can I ask you, how many have you almost got complete...when a piece tears off or somehow gets ruined? By looking at your peacock in the works hanging upside down...I thought of that!
    Still totally impressed!