Monday, 22 June 2009

Beaded keyring tassles

OK, so I know these aren't papercuttings, but I think they're worth showing anyway. Benji and I spent several lovely hours together making these pretty beaded keyring tassles to sell at his school summer fair next weekend. We were looking for something relatively quick and simple to make and I found this idea in the Better Homes and Gardens book, "Crafts to Make and Sell". Of course, being the crafting hoarder that I am, I just happened to have a great stash of perle cotton and seed beads in the shed! We still need to make a whole load more, but hope they're going to be popular.

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  1. Suzy, your New England paper cutting is so special. Thank you for sharing your process. It is just fascinating how each little piece remains connected. Wow! Elizabeth